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Beer for Boobs was established in 2008 by Lisa White of White Labs. The journey began after enduring her first 3-Day Susan G. Komen walk in 2008. That year, Lisa walked 60 miles (while 5.5 months pregnant!) for her Aunt Terry, her cousin Loretta, and another team member who were all recently diagnosed. Seeing 4,000 people united for a common goal, and 20-something-year-olds who had lost their hair through their cancer treatments cheering us on was truly unforgettable. The experience was so eye-opening she knew she had to somehow tie in an organization that would help with the research of breast cancer and help survivors and their families.

Fast forward 12 years later and the organization has raised up to $450,000 for breast cancer research and the American Cancer Society.

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What We Do

Each year breweries and nonprofits look to us to collaborate on unique beers and events to further reach and funding for breast cancer and cancer patients. With the money we raise, we design merchandise that appeals to those affected by cancer and beer enthusiasts which we later sell at festivals. We bring along our prosthetic breast display to teach guests how to perform a proper self-exam, learn the warning signs and stages of tumors and to better understand the importance of catching these signs early on. From there, funds go to support organizations including the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the American Cancer Society.

We are a 501c3 Non-Profit looking to change the world!

Did you know?

Breast cancer often has no symptoms when the tumor is small and treatable, which is why screening is the most valuable tool for prevention.

The most common physical sign is a painless lump in the breast or surrounding lymph node area.

Approximately 1% of breast cancer diagnosis will be diagnosed in men.